Stories from Sagas of Kings

Introduction, notes and glossary by Anthony Faulkes, 2007, ISBN 978 0 903521 72 7

Second edition

Of the six texts presented here as ‘stories’, five are found as þættir included in Icelandic sagas of Norwegian kings, in texts such as Morkinskinna, Flateyjarbók and Hulda/Hrokkinskinna. The sixth, the longer of the two included versions of Stúfs þáttr, may give an indication of how these stories existed independently before being incorporated into the kings’ sagas. Most feature Haraldr harðráði (1046–66), who was particularly popular as the subject of such stories, and relate his encounters with Icelanders, some of them poets; in one, Völsa þáttr, the king is St Óláfr (1015–30), in a highly-coloured account of missionary activity in Norway.

The texts of this edition are reproduced from Íslendinga sögur IV and V, ed. Guðni Jónsson (Reykjavík, 1946–47), and are normalised for the modern Icelandic reader. They are published here with an introduction, notes and glossary compiled by Anthony Faulkes.

Halldórs þáttr Snorrasonar inn fyrri, Halldórs þáttr Snorrasonar inn síðari, Stúfs þáttr inn meiri, Stúfs þáttr inn skemmri, Völsa þáttr, Brands þáttr örva.

First published as Stories from the Sagas of the Kings in 1980. In this second edition, published in 2007, the introduction, notes and glossary have been corrected and reformatted with minor additions.

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