The Uppsala Edda: DG 11 4to

Edited by Heimir Pálsson, 2012, ISBN 978 0 903521 85 7

The Uppsala Edda is a version of Snorri Sturluson’s Edda preserved in Uppsala University Library DG 11 4to, which is probably the earliest surviving manuscript of the work (first quarter of the fourteenth century). The version it contains is very different from all other surviving versions: it is shorter, though it includes all three parts of Snorri’s work, and Háttatal is curtailed. Also in this manuscript are a version of Skáldatal (a list of court poets who composed about many Scandinavian kings from the earliest times down to the thirteenth century), a genealogy of Snorri’s family (the Sturlungs) from Adam down to the time of Snorri himself, a list of Icelandic lawspeakers (presidents of the Icelandic parliament) from its foundation in 930 down to Snorri’s second term of office, and a version of the so-called Second Grammatical Treatise.

Although the text of the work in this manuscript is often somewhat garbled and difficult to understand, it seems likely that it represents the text in a form independent of the archetype of the other surviving versions, perhaps derived from an early draft made by Snorri himself. In this edition it is printed in normalised (thirteenth century) spelling but with a minimum of emendation and is accompanied by a close translation into English. Various illustrations (drawings and diagrams) in the manuscript are reproduced, and there are both textual and explanatory notes to the text and a lengthy introduction on the origin and history of this version of the Edda and the manuscript that contains it.

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