Summer Meeting: Saturday 15 June 2024

The Summer meeting will be held in The White and Chase Room, St Cross Building (English Faculty), St Cross Road, Oxford OX1 3UL

On Saturday, 15th June 2024 at 4 p.m.

The President, Professor Heather O’Donoghue, will give her Presidential Lecture:
‘The Misappropriation of Old Norse Myth’.

Tea will be served before the meeting at 3 p.m.
Members may bring guests.

Spring Meeting: Friday 15 March 2024

The Spring meeting will be on Friday 15 March at 5pm at University College London.

Dr Katherine M. Olley (University of Nottingham) will speak on
‘Speech and Silence: Childbirth and its Aftermath in Old Norse Literature’.

The meeting will be followed by a reception. Members may bring guests.

Report from Valerie Broustin (Research Support Fund)

Translation of MA thesis: Bændr, sagnaritarar ok kirkjumenn. Saga er til þess. Zur Autorschaft der Hrafnistumannasögur

In my MA thesis on the authorship of the Hrafnistumannasögur (Ketils saga hængs, Gríms saga loðinkinna, Örvar-Odds saga, Áns saga bogsveigis), I worked on the genealogical connections between the Hrafnistumenn and the Icelandic elite in the 13th and 14th century.

Among the descendants are chieftains, bishops, monks and scholars with a remarkable literary output. In my thesis, more than a hundred descendants are named and described focusing on their literary activity. This should start off further research on the authorship, not only of the Fornaldarsögur, but of Old Norse literature in general by providing detailed information about the connections between texts, manuscripts, persons, places and collaborations (e.g., The North Icelandic Benedictine School).

At the 18th International Saga Conference 2022 I received encouraging support to publish my work in English, so more scholars can do future research on the authorship and the literary and maybe even social relevance of the Fornaldarsögur (and other genres). All of this and the continuing encouragement of my MA-thesis supervisor Prof. Dr. Rudolf Simek and PhD-thesis supervisor Prof. Dr. Kathrin Chlench-Priber led to the idea to translate and publish my text.

Thanks to the generosity of the Viking Society and the Research Support Fund I was able to finance the translation of my thesis from German to English by Angela Simek-Hall. The publication of Vikings, Half-Trolls and Saga-Authors. The Norwegian Hrafnistumenn and their Icelandic Descendants is planned for late 2023/early 2024 by a publisher in Vienna (Verlag Fassbaender) in the reputable series Studia Medievalia Septentrionalia, as Vol. 30.