Bishops in Early Iceland

Translated by Theodore M. Andersson. Edited by Alison Finlay and Carl Phelpstead, 2021, ISBN 978 1 914070 01 3

The four translations assembled here are intended to supplement the early Bishops’ Sagas that are already easily available in translation. The texts included are Hungrvaka (‘Foretaste’), Páls saga byskups (‘The Saga of Bishop Páll Jónsson’), Oddaverja þáttr (‘An Account of the People at Oddi’) and Prestssaga Guðmundar góða (‘The Priesthood of Bishop Guðmundr Góði’). All have been dated to the first years of the thirteenth century. Together with the Viking Society’’s edition of Þorláks saga byskups (2013), they typify the first emergence of saga writing and show how the evolution of saga composition began. The texts are translated by Theodore M. Andersson who also provides a full introduction. The book includes a bibliography and index of names.

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