Old Norse Made New

Edited by David Clark and Carl Phelpstead, 2007, ISBN 978 0 903521 76 5

This volume brings together essays, most of which were given at a Viking Society Student Conference held at Oxford in 2006, on the ways in which Old Norse literature and the medieval culture of Iceland and Scandinavia have influenced writers, especially writers in English, after the Middle Ages. In recent years the study of medievalism, the post-medieval reception and influence of medieval literature and culture, has become an increasingly productive field of research as scholars have realized that interrogating past constructions of the medieval is a valuable way of reflecting on their own relationship to the material they study. The essays collected here cover a wide chronological span (from the eighteenth century to the twenty-first) and a range of literary genres (poetry, novel, libretto, children’s literature and fantasy fiction).

Andrew Wawn. ‘Foreword’.
Alison Finlay. ‘Thomas Gray’s Translations of Old Norse Poetry’.
Carolyne Larrington. ‘Translating the Poetic Edda into English’.
David Ashurst. ‘William Morris and the Volsungs’.
Matthew Townend. ‘In Search of the Lakeland Saga: Antiquarian Fiction and the Norse Settlement in Cumbria’.
Dimitra Fimi. ‘Tolkien and Old Norse Antiquity: Real and Romantic Links in Material Culture’.
Heather O’Donoghue. ‘From Runic Inscriptions to Runic Gymnastics’.
Carl Phelpstead. ‘A Viking Pacifist? The Life of St Magnus in Saga, Novel, and Opera’.
David Clark. ‘Old Norse Made New: Past and Present in Modern Children’s Literature’.

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