Publications (2023)

Viking Society publications currently available are listed below. They can be ordered from Gazelle Book Services via the links below or via email.

Viking Society members are entitled to reduced prices, normally 50% of RRP. Members’/Non Members’ prices are listed below. When ordering from Gazelle, simply state your membership to claim the reduced price.

Publications can also be bought at meetings or by those collecting personally from University College London (appointment required; contact

All in card covers unless noted as bound.

All Viking Society publications are made available two years after publication on the Society’s archive website, managed by Anthony Faulkes. All publications, the earliest published in 1895, can be read and downloaded here.

Guta saga: The History of the Gotlanders
Christine Peel (trans.)
ISBN 978 0 903521 44 4

The Bearded Bride. A Critical Edition of Þrymlur
Lee Colwill and Haukur Þorgeirsson
ISBN 978 0 903521 98 7

Folk Stories of Iceland Cover

The Folk-Stories of Iceland
Einar Ólafur Sveinsson, Einar G. Pétursson, B. Benedikz (trans), and A. Faulkes (ed)
ISBN 978 0 903521 53 6

The Runic Inscriptions of the Isle of Man
Michael P. Barnes
ISBN 978 0 903521 97 0

The Uppsala Edda: DG 11 4to
Snorri Sturluson, Heimir Pálsson (ed.), and Anthony Faulkes (trans.)
ISBN 978 0 903521 85 7

Thor the Wind-Raiser and the Eyrarland Image
R. Perkins
ISBN 978 0 903521 52 9