Introductory Essays on Egils saga and Njáls saga

Edited by John Hines and Desmond Slay, 1992. Reprinted 2016, ISBN 978 0 903521 25 3

The papers in this collection—with the exception of the first, which was specially written for the volume—were first offered as lectures at two Viking Society Student Conferences, at Cardiff and 1988 and London in 1990. They are reproduced here with the addition of annotated bibliographies compiled by John Hines, for the use of students and others interested in the study of the Sagas of Icelanders.

Guðrún Nordal. ‘Sturlunga saga and the context of saga-writing’
John Hines. ‘Kingship in Egils saga
Alison Finlay. ‘Egils saga and other poets’ sagas’
Carolyne Larrington. ‘Egill’s longer poems: Arinbjarnarkviða and Sonatorrek
Judith Jesch. ‘“Good men” and peace in Njáls saga
Heather O’Donoghue. ‘Women in Njáls saga
Andrew Hamer. ‘“It seemed to me that the sweetest light of my eyes had been extinguished”’
Rory McTurk. ‘The supernatural in Njáls saga: a narratological approach’
Peter Robinson. ‘Vikings and Celts’
John Hines. ‘Egils saga and Njáls saga: bibliographical guides’

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