Edited and translated by Clive Tolley, 2008, ISBN 978 0 903521 78 9

Grottasöngr (‘The Song of Grotti’) is a poem in 24 stanzas, considered part of the Poetic Edda corpus although it occurs not in the Codex Regius manuscript but in various manuscripts of Snorra Edda. It takes the form of a work-song chanted by two giant maidens forced by the legendary Danish king Fróði to grind out, on the mill called Grotti, first riches and happiness, and then an army. The present edition was originally to be included in the fourth volume of The Poetic Edda, edited by Ursula Dronke, with the assistance of the present editor, for Oxford University Press. The poem is presented with a facing translation, textual notes, full commentary and introduction.

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